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happy 5 years, love (:

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“A woman who truly loves you will be angry at you for many things, but will never leave you”

happy 5 yrs anniversary <3

Jan13 Random(:

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16/2: Happy chinese new year to all! it’s  人日 today! :D

January had been a good month despite the overloaded work ! and becos of that, i’m feed well after the end of every week :P

Photo Jan 05, 6 38 08 PM

 missing the food in swiss!

Photo 2013-01-26 09.50.54 PM 


Photo 2013-01-20 01.35.18 AM 

 coastal settlement(:

Photo 2013-01-20 01.35.09 AM 

Photo 2013-01-26 09.43.19 PM

for the rabbits (:

Photo 2013-01-26 09.43.26 PM

how’s your luck been thus far ? :) 

Photo 2013-01-26 09.46.40 PM

have been making an effort to hit the gym on one of the weekdays’ evening, together with the comforting fastfood thereafter (:


it’s also a month where two of my good friends left for further studies ):

good thing is that whereever they are, we are just what’sapp away(:

 Photo Jan 02, 9 03 48 PM

Photo Jan 07, 6 40 31 PM 

Photo Jan 07, 6 31 56 PM


photos are mostly from handphone and uploaded in instagram nowadays. it seems like camera only comes handy during overseas trip!

jan1 jan2 jan3


till then! (:

Random from Our Wedding (:

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some random pics from the wedding which have been drafted for a good 4 months  (:




Our wedding gifts for our guests (:




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